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Get your adventure on with Go MAD! 6 activities in one fun packed day!

Track of the Tiger prides itself in offering what must surely be the best multi activity adventure day in Northern Thailand. We’re leading a new evolution in ‘seat in bus-fixed departure one day adventure tours’ with our soon to be launched (July 2013) Go MAD (multi adventure day) programme.

It provides you with a full day of action packed adventure: (1) archery, (2) 14m climbing wall & abseil training (3) nature trail hike (4) a 25m waterfall abseil (and picnic lunch) (5) really 'exciting' cross valley zip line runs, and (6) a thrilling downhill and valley plains mountain bike ride before heading back to Chiang Mai.

Those who want to mix their full day adventure while helping save the environment may leave the main group for a while as they set off on a rewarding, hands on biodiversity monitoring task that gives them access to the fantastic range of flora and fauna of the Mae Lai Forest.

Note* The 'green hearted' may opt for the 'Biodiversity Monitoring' option. You leave the group on arrival at Pang Soong Lodge, and join our community forest guides on a 3hr BM walk, adding your findings to our online GIS database. (and being recognised for doing so.) Rejoin the main group for the zip wire run and downhill mountain bike ride if you wish.

Our instructors are first aid trained and hold the relevant internationally recognized qualifications. Group numbers are purposely kept small for safety and so that each member of the group can get as much out of each activity as possible with no waiting around.

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The Khon Muang of Ban Mae Lai
The Ban Mae Lai village. Situated in a well managed watershed forest which has a circumference of about 20 km and an area of approximately 30 sq km, this forest is the primary livelihood resource for the village, which has developed a very complex symbiotic relationship with it. The village consists of 42 homes and approximately 90 inhabitants that are collectively known as the ‘Ban Mae Lai’. Mae Lai, means ‘mother Lai’ – and refers to the name of the mother of Khun Phiyalai – the first headman.

Cultural History. An ethnic group known as ‘Khun Muang’, were originally
farmers and hunter gatherers from Chiang Mai valley that were displaced
by ethnic groups who moved in from the south, causing them to migrate
up to the hills surrounding the valley floor. Through marriage, they
absorbed the original inhabitants of mountain area – Kamu (Cambodian)
and Lua (Shan) ethnic minorities, and over time ...
Pang Soong Nature Trail Guide